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Corporation Income and Franchise Taxes

Motor Fuel Taxes

General Questions

Gift Taxes

Inheritance and Estate Transfer Taxes

Individual Income Tax

Sales Tax

Special Investigations

Withholding Tax


Louisiana Resale Certificate

FAQ for Filing Form 1099 MISC(These questions does not apply to gaming establishments. Please refer to Louisiana Administrative Code 61:I.1525 which requires income tax withholding by gaming establishments.)

Federal-State Match Program

Suspension of Licenses

FAQs for Tax on Vapor Products

Tuition Donation Rebate Program

Special Fuels Tax

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Changing Account Information in LaTAP

Adding Additional Accounts to My LaTAP Profile

Filing and Amending Returns in LaTAP

General Questions About LaTAP

Login/Password Assistance for LaTAP Users

Making Payments in LaTAP

How to Register to Use LaTAP

System Requirements to Use LaTAP

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Technical FAQ

Browser Questions

Online Forms Questions

LaWAGE Application Questions

Security Questions

Severance Application Questions

Viewing and Printing Questions

Adobe Questions

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Natural Disaster FAQ

Hurricane Gustav Tax Extensions

Hurricane Ike Tax Extensions

Hurricane Isaac Tax Extensions

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Road Home Grants FAQ

Road Home Grants

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Office of Debt Recovery FAQ

Office of Debt Recovery FAQs

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Boat Registration FAQ

Boat Registration FAQ

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Individual Income Tax Audit FAQ

Individual Income Tax Audit FAQ

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